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0X803F8001 Error Code & How to fix It?

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What is Error code 0x803f8001?

Error code 0x803f8001 is an XBOX error. Many times such error codes have challenged the user while upgrading or installation of Windows. No doubt, there are so many benefits to upgrading the Windows 7 to Windows 10 or other upgrade Windows. When you upgrade the Windows it speeds up searching capability of the Operating system, you can also execute many tasks in your PC, which could not perform in the previous version. But many times you face some error code issues in your Windows 10 OS. 0X803F8001 is also a common Windows Error. To troubleshoot the 0X803F8001 XBOX error code issue there are so many ways, which we mention in this blog.

WHEN 0X803F8001 XBOX Error Occurred

It is very common error code issues which are directly related to the Windows Store. When you update or install the Windows Store, you may see this error message, “Do you own this game or app? Error Code 0x803f8001” or “Something Went Wrong: Error Code 0x803f8001”. This error code can also appear when you are trying to play or download any game from the Windows Store. It becomes impossible for the user to remove the error and the user gets frustrated. You can remove the error by correcting the reason behind the error issue.

Why You Face Error 0x803f8001?

There are so many possible causes behind the error 0X803F8001. The various reasons behind 0X803F8001 error code issue are mention below:

Because of these so many reasons, there are different ways to resolve the problem. To resolve this issue we mention seven self-tested ways to resolve the issue. If you find any problem in applying, the solution or you want more information about the error contact to windows tech support 

To Fix Xbox Error in Windows App Store

Way 1: Run the System File Checker through the command prompt to resolve the problem:

Way 2: 0X803F8001: FIX XBOX ERROR by basic troubleshooting

Another way to resolve the issue is simple Troubleshooting. It is a long way in fixing various Windows OS related errors issues including 0x803f8001 error issue. You have to download genuine and powerful antivirus software for your PC and install that antivirus. To resolve the problem check the below mention steps:

Maybe after these steps, your issue resolved but the reason is different from the issue. Then you have checked the next way.


Change the factory setting or reset the setting of the Xbox One, which may help you to resolve the error 0x803f8001. To do that follow the below mention steps:

Now play the game and check you see the error code or the issue has resolved.


Another way is you can use power cycling Xbox One that will easily resolve the error:

Check the issue resolved or not


If Windows Store cache for some time and you do not clean that then it may cause this error issue.


To resolve the error issue you can uninstall the app and then reinstall the app.


This is another way to resolve the 0X803F8001 error code issue by update all the Windows Services:

If the error issue is not resolved yet. After applying the all these methods, then maybe you need unique technical help for the issue. You need to call our technical experts to resolve the problem on the online tech Support Toll-free number. Here you get the remote assistance of the issue, which you are facing in your PC.

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