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Webroot is an antivirus company founded in 1997 by Steven Thomas aim to provide internet security to the consumers and businesses. It works both on Windows and MAC computers. It is quite different from a regular antivirus program and thus has its own advantages. First of all, it is the lightest and smallest of all with the size of only 1 MB. Whereas a regular antivirus, for example, Norton will have a size of more than 700 MB. This is because it is a cloud-based security program.

Getting Started: – Webroot Login

You can purchase the Webroot Secure Anywhere either from a store which will come with a CD to install the product or you buy it online which will give you a link to install on your email. Now the first thing to be done once you bought the product is to create a Webroot account. To create an account, go to the link and fill the instructions. If you have bought the Webroot security from the store. It will have the activation code on the disc which will be needed to create an account. Elsewise, if you have bought it online. The key code will be emailed to you on your email address.

Follow the method: – Webroot Login

Creating the Webroot account is as simple as it could get and requires only very basic information making it a very hassle-free process. Once you have created the account, you can log in to the same window by your email address and password. The personal security code is something that you set up while creating the account. Every time you log in, you required entering 2 characters of it. Each time you log in, the specified characters you need to enter will change thus enhancing the security of

the account. In case you forget either the password or the security code, you can click on the forgot password link to reset it. Then you will be asked. Whether you want to reset the password or the security code. Please follow the screenshots shown below to have a better understanding of the process.

Webroot Login Console

Once you have received the instructions on the email to reset either the password or the security code. You can change your credentials to log in to the Webroot account. After creating your Webroot online account, an email will be sent with the title “Webroot Console Confirmation”. In this email, there will be a link to activate your Webroot account without which you will not be able to access. The full features of the Webroot account such as password management, backup and sync, mobile security and PC security.

After the successful creation of the Webroot account, you will be able to access the full features of the account. This section will help you have an insight into the total number of devices protected/infected, manage passwords for different websites and backup and sync feature. Webroot login console enables you to add or remove a total number of computers from the active security. And also you can change the scan settings from the same. Following is the screenshot of the

Webroot Login Console: –

As you see, this section gives you complete information about the total number of devices protected including the Mobile devices. To access the “Password” feature, you should install the “Webroot Password Manager” web extension when asked while installing this on your system. This will help you to give better protection to the websites that require passwords to get in. Backup and sync is a very useful feature of My Webroot Login console that helps you to back up your information and sync data when needed. One should not only run the scan using Webroot Secure Anywhere. But also access the Webroot login console to have a better idea about the secured devices and other available options.

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