Norton Blocking Google chrome

Norton Blocking Google chrome

Norton Blocking Google chrome is a complex issue in a use of Norton internet antivirus. On the basis of these issues, Antivirus is a complicated matter because it consists of several antivirus programs and “Protection suites” which deals with the security issues of the system.

They also offer an extension to install it in your system browser. And they assure you that this toolbar will protect your system from dangerous attacks of malware.  That is why some Antivirus does better work as compared to other Antivirus.

So just install these Toolbar’s extensions which provides you a new home page and it may protect a search engine but this is all about earnings of Antivirus company. In different situations, they provide more technicians 24×7 to help you, and often with unexpected results.

But after all, Antivirus is very crucial for the protection of system because nowadays active threats, spyware, adware and all other malicious activities may be harmful to the system. Sometimes these may be the reasons behind “Norton Blocking Google chrome” issue.

How to fix Norton Blocking Google Chrome?

Thus, to get rid of from these kinds of problems users can use the Norton Antivirus Program which is able to face several types of threats and make your system secures. It also consists of an efficient firewall which can block both incoming and outgoing network traffic.

If after installing the latest version, Norton continuously blocks all Google websites. Then you will get an extreme solution to fix it. The root cause behind the issue “Norton Blocking Google Chrome” is the incorrect installation or the contamination of malicious program in a Norton file.

Therefore, to fix such issues, you have to uninstall and Reinstall Norton Removal Tool.

During the process, if you have stopped or want to know more, dial the Norton Technical Support Number. Our Engineers will give you a great and effective solution to this issue. Number 24 * 7 is available, so you can call at any time.

Most of the installed software programs, Norton 360 firewall has a special setting which tells us whether Norton program is allowed on the internet. Therefore, Google Chrome is placed on that list and should get permitted to go on the Internet.

Nevertheless, you realize that with the help of Google Chrome you can’t access the Internet. However, it’s going online with various programs. You can still configure Norton 360 to permit Google Chrome to access the Internet. For this, you can follow the given process.

Procedure to allow Google Chrome to Access the Network in your Firewall:

  • On your PC, visit the system tray and press the click button on the Norton 360
  • Click on the “Settings” link at the top of the screen, after opening the page
  • After this, you will see a “Detailed Settings” page, where you will need to click on the option of “Firewall”
  • At the top of the page choose the “Program Rules” tab
  • In the center of the window, to unblock Chrome from my firewall, find your Google Chrome option in the provided list
  • Press on “Auto” option
  • Click on “Apply” button
  • After that hit on “Close” button
  • Restart your System, if you are prompted.
  • After launch, the Google Chrome will confirm you can now access the Internet. 

Furthermore, you have a need to know that how to prevent the issue “Norton blocking Google chrome”. Then you can get an online assistance from our Norton Technical Support team.  Our team has highly experienced and professionally skilled Engineers to fix your trouble as well as to guide you. Therefore, our expert technician is available 24×7 for your help. 

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