Norton Antivirus not scanning

Norton Antivirus not scanning

Any problem with Norton Antivirus. Such as Norton Antivirus Setup, Installation, Norton Antivirus not Scanning and access to users is always a hassle. Therefore, if you ever pass a problem in Norton antivirus or fix the Norton virus scan problem Unable to do, then follow these instructions to fix those problems as soon as possible.

What Are Main Cause of this Problem: –

  • Many times, it occurs when the PC clock is not set up properly
  • Due to a failed update of antivirus
  • Due to an older version of Norton isn’t successfully uninstalled
  • The server may be temporarily down
  • Conflict with Non-Norton security software
  • The PC may infect by a virus and other malicious software which is blocking to virus scanning

Fix Norton Antivirus not Scanning or Norton Antivirus is not opening issue

Method 1: Update Norton Antivirus

This method can help you when Norton Not working or Norton Not Opening. Follow the steps carefully, if you can’t, we recommend you to call Norton Technical Support for further assistance.

  1. After opening Norton Antivirus points to Security>LiveUpdate.
  2. Wait for some time, when the update of Norton Antivirus finished then click on “OK”. Now your Norton Antivirus has latest protection update.
  3. Restart your computer system, your Norton Antivirus should open smoothly now.

Method 2: Use Norton Power Eraser

If your Norton Security not opening then you can go with this method. Follow the steps

  1. First, you need to download Norton Power Eraser from Norton Antivirus Support.
  2. Now double click on downloaded file, then click Yes, Accept the user agreement.
  3. Now in some time, it will install on your system.
  4. Open Norton Power Eraser and click on Scan for Risk.
  5. After this process, your computer needs to restart.
  6. After restarting your computer system, start your Norton Antivirus.

Your problem will resolve. If again Norton 360 not opening then go to the next method.

Method 3: Reinstall If Norton Antivirus Not Working

Reinstall your Norton Antivirus, for this first you need to uninstall Norton antivirus then install It from Norton Setup. Follow the following steps

  1. Download Norton Remove Tool.
  2. Double click on downloaded file, read the license and accept it.
  3. After installing click on remove and reinstall.
  4. Choose to Remove only, and then click OK.
  5. Your computer system will prompt to restart now. After restarting the computer reinstall the Norton Antivirus.

Method 4: Remove Another Installed Antivirus

  1. If you have already installed any other antivirus on your computer system, then you have to remove that.
  2. In windows go to control panel > Programs.
  3. Manually check that is there any antivirus software installed.
  4. If yes, then double click on that for uninstalling.
  5. Done

Now, your issue resolved now you can open your Norton antivirus.

Why should we log in to the Norton account?

With the advancement of technology and growing use of the internet, there has been observed a great hike in the number of viruses. These viruses directly attack your computer systems, resulting in corrupting your important data and stealing your confidential information. Viruses like Ransomware can also lock your data permanently until you pay some ransom to get the access back.

To deal with all these harmful online threats including viruses, phishing scams and Trojan horses, Norton has come up with a vast array of security software. A user can select any of Norton security from Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Standard, Norton Core Security Router, Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, Norton Antivirus Basics and Norton Small Business as per their particular needs. The difference between all these security software from Norton lies in the level of security and number of PCs they protect from the viruses. Norton security software has been also classified keeping in mind the diverse specifications of both businesses and consumers using Windows or Mac OS.

Norton Antivirus not scanning issues

What should I do when my Norton antivirus not scan? The technical support service provider is available around-the-clock to guide the user for failures which user came across while working with it. One of the highly supportive solutions can avail of Norton Antivirus Customer Service Number for immediate and instant assistance. With best possible solution user get the affected Norton fixed in short awhile. The team of highly skilled, capable tech experts assists the user in the right direction with effective support for fruitful results.

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