How Do I Configure AOL IMAP/SMTP Settings Manually?

How Do I Configure AOL IMAP/SMTP Settings Manually?

You can use AOL Mail and another email service all at one place. You just need to configure AOL IMAP settings and AOL SMTP settings in the application. The user also needs AOL Server configuration then after you can use AOL mail in outlook, Gmail application, Windows 10 mail, Thunderbird or Incredimail. It helps the user to access mail on different servers to a single server. You don’t need to sign in AOL, Gmail, and other services. Just login outlook and check all the emails.

How Do I Configure AOL IMAP/SMTP Settings Manually?
How Do I Configure AOL IMAP/SMTP Settings Manually?

Steps to Configure AOL IMAP/SMTP Settings Manually:

To access AOL Mail using the IMAP/SMTP Settings, use these details when asked by your device.

AOL Server Settings

  1. Incoming Mail Server(IMAP):
  2. Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP):
  3. Port Settings
  4. IMAP-993-SSL
  5. SMTP-465-SSL

AOL Account configuration

For AOL account configuration manually, you will need the Port and STMP/IMAP servers. After it, follow the steps to set up your AOL Mail IMAP/SMTP Settings.

  1. Open the other email account.
  2. Click on account settings of your email service application
  3. Click on Add a new account.
  4. You will get the Blank template just enter your details.
  5. Type your AOL Name, AOL username, and password and click on next.
  6. After this step, you need to set up the incoming and outgoing servers manually from IMAP and SMTP.

Follow the Steps to Setup IMAP/SMTP

  1. On the outgoing server setup page, enter the following details.
  2. Server Name:
  3. Port: 465
  4. Username: AOL Mail username
  5. Password: AOL account password
  6. Enter your AOL username
  7. Connection Security: SSL
Some of these features are listed below

Message Status: You will be able to send and receive the emails using the other Email client. But you will not be able to check the email status, whether it is sent, delivered, read or not.

Spam Emails: you can not report any email as spam. If you try to access the Spam folder then you will be taken to the spam of your host email service.

Delete Emails: You will not be able to delete any emails using this service. You can mark them to delete though.

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