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AOL Sign In

AOL is a popular leading online information service provider including some major services like Web Surfing, instant messaging, email, and access to a diversity of content all integrated into the AOL Web browser for Windows and Mac. You can become a member of AOL by the means of AOL Sign up. Users can easily enter into their AOL mail inbox with AOL sign in.

AOL Email Login

AOL email login and instant messaging services are also available free. Such as AOL’s website, which users may customize for individual use. It enables you to have up to seven client names for every ace record. With the goal that you can give your representatives and business accomplices their own AOL sign in email. You can sign up a free AOL Mail account by visiting the AOL website.

In case you use the free version of AOL. You can create as several new AOL sign in accounts as you want at any time.

How to Sign Up AOL Mail Account

In AOL users has an extent for the creation of customized folders just like as in yahoo and outlook mail. This permits you to store and organize the messages in drafts section, inbox etc as per your needs. Here we have mentioned below few steps for how you do AOL Mail sign up.

  1. Open any Web browser as like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.
  2. Visit the AOL mail Sign in the Web page or you can also reach there by searching keywords related to ‘AOL Sign in’ in any search engine.
  3. Choose the “Sign up for a FREE account” link.
  4. Type your name, username, create the password and other needed information on Account creation form. An Alternate email address is also required for the confirmation process.
  5. You have to Sign in your alternate email account then after open the confirmation message from AOL.
  6. To return to AOL’s website, select the “Yes, I requested this” link in the message body.
  7. Type in your login credentials (Username, Password) and choose Sign In button for verify & activate your account, click on “OK”.

You can also clear a saved screen name in AOL sign in page. If you share the PC with others. Then each user can also save their AOL screen name in AOL sign in Page. When somebody AOL closes the desktop users. You can remove the screen name related to the AOL sign-in list.

  1. Open the AOL desktop software.
  2. Click on the first drop-down menu and choose the screen name which you want to remove.
  3. Please Uncheck the box placed next to “Remember Me”.
  4. Click “yes” to confirm that you want to delete this screen name from the AOL sign in list, and then click on “OK”.
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