AOL IMAP Settings

What is AOL Email?

AOL formerly known as AOL Inc. means that “America is online” and styled as AOL. It is a big center of latest news, lifestyle, trends and much more. In other words, you can say that this is just another website with lots of latest content where you can get a bunch of information going into this world. The website is large and it also offers email options like Gmail and Yahoo. Now, why to use it? The answer is simple, it’s free. We also need email and online storage and if someone is giving it free, why not take it for granted? Just like Gmail, AOL mail a free web email service provided by AOL. The service is sometimes referred to as AIM Mail, where “Objective” stands for AOL Instant Messenger. But always its configuration and doubts about some users find it difficult to configure it. So, in this article, I’m able to show that you can manually configure AOL IMAP settings.

How to setup AOL IMAP Settings?

The computing language stands for the Internet Message Access Protocol in IMAP. That done by the email client to retrieve email messages from a mail server on a TCP / IP connection. These are the kind of technical settings that will be difficult to perform any common man. Making IMAP settings in your AOL email also involves some internal set-up. If you feel it is difficult to perform the settings, then you can get in touch the AOL Email Customer Care Number where trained technicians will help you in making the necessary settings on your device.

AOL email service is used by millions of people around the world, but at certain times, for users, it seems difficult to do some settings. Mail like many issues are not found there with this email being found, mail is not being sent or received, spams overload and error messages repeatedly from the event. But issues can never be resolved by troubleshooting.

You need AOL Mail IMAP Server settings to access your AOL mail messages and folders in Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows and other such customers. AOL recommends selecting your IMAP in POP3, not to email clients.

Some steps mentioned above are to be performed to the AOL IMAP Settings.

  • AOL IMAP Settings
  • Enter the server address:
  • Now enter your full username and e-mail address
  • Fill in your password
  • Set up IMAP Port to 993
  • Click ‘Yes‘ to complete the setting

You now have to enter SMTP settings to send out an email that runs through any of your email programs through your AOL Mail account. To do this:-

  • Enter Incoming Server
  • SMTP Outgoing Server as Set port to 587
  • Enter your username and password to log into the mail account

It is quite easy to perform settings for AOL IMAP Settings on its own, but if you find that you are confusing them a bit, you should reach the AOL email support number where a certified technician will guide you in making the right settings without any difficulty. They are available 24 hours a day.

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